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  1. trade barriers
  2. Indirect Distribution
  3. contract
  4. endorsement
  5. net income
  1. a Involves one or more intermediaries
  2. b governments use to limit competition from other countries (to keep foreign trade out)
  3. c a legal agreement between two or more parties to conduct business
  4. d necessary for cashing a check
  5. e revenue is greater than expenses

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  1. checks that have been written but haven't yet reached the bank
  2. government agency, protects consumers from dangerous or falsely advertised products
  3. when the value of a country's currency goes down compare to another country's
  4. the amount of goods and services that producers will provide at various prices
  5. a combination of a market and command economy

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  1. overtimemoney that the government takes in


  2. free tradeno limits on trade


  3. trade deficitwhen a country imports more than it exports


  4. hourly wageamount earned for each hour worked


  5. multinational corporationbuilds and sustains a market economy


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