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  1. Blue Dog democrat
  2. Civil rights act of 1964
  3. 14th Amendment
  4. Two basic components of a democracy
  5. 1st Amendment
  1. a moderate democrat
  2. b freedom of speech, press, petition, assembly and religion
  3. c Majority rule, Minority rights
  4. d due process
  5. e The Civil Rights Act of was a landmark piece of legislation in the United States that outlawed racial segregation in schools, public places, and employment

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  1. 8%
  2. Catalyst to the second constitution of California
  3. eliminated poll tax
  4. 13
  5. right to counsel

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  1. how many electoral votes in the entire college270


  2. Government corporationWeak central government strong members


  3. revenue sharinggiving money to states


  4. U.S. population305 million


  5. Pendelton Actlaw created in 1939 restricrs the type and extent of political activity a federal bureaucrat may conduct. modified in 1993


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