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  1. disorders regarding migration will result in what
  2. after maturation how many axon motors innervate each muscle fiber
  3. which transport mechanism across the bbb involves AZT
  4. what is the component of endothelial cells of bbb that provide continuos physical barrier
  5. is neurotransmitter release independent or dependent on action potential and calcium
  1. a 1
  2. b tight junction
  3. c malformation of the cerebral cortex
  4. d independent
  5. e transporter mediated

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  1. fenestrations
  2. macrophages
  3. area postrema
  4. passive diffusion
  5. pressure/touch

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  1. the neuroepithelial zone of the nueral tube has its cells enter a postmittic state and forms____that line the ventricular systemependyma


  2. in apoptosis in the cns calcium release is known to inhibit which channelscaspase 3


  3. is there a high or low action potential threshold at the spike initiation zonemalformation of the cerebral cortex


  4. in the spinal cord__matter is inside and ___matter is outsideswelling of soma
    • eccentric nucleus
    • dissolution of Nissl


  5. which type of neurons bring information to the cnsefferent/motor


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