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  1. Intermediate
  2. Narrow spectrum
  3. Bleach
  4. Continual development of new antimicrobial agents
  5. Tetracycline
  1. a microbial growth is somewhat inhibited by the antibiotic
  2. b resistant bacteria
  3. c only certain types
    ex. Penicillin
  4. d most effective
  5. e gram negative/positive, intercellular, mycoplasma
    inhibits protein synthesis--->death

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  1. artificial electron donor is used to reduce cytochrome C
    colorless in reduced state
    purple/blue when oxidized
  2. kills bacteria
    vegetative cells
    no spores
  3. place H202 on a colony
  4. NO3--->NO2--->other products (NH4, NO, N2, N2O)
    nitrate reductase positive
  5. eveloped release

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  1. Choosing an antimicrobial agentforeign body stimulates immune reaction, attaches to well
    from HIV virus


  2. Temperaturevariable for different types


  3. Gas bubblesO2
    bacterial colonies that produce catalase
    catalase positive


  4. AIDSphosphate buffered saline
    remove excess unbound antigen


  5. latency, may be stimulated by other infections where the T-cells are activated, then killed offWhy is a positive control used?


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