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  1. a person with unusual skill in any field, particularly in the arts
  2. flotilla
  3. vintage
  4. to banish, to not include
  5. (v.) to sharpen, to simulate
  1. a small fleet of ships
  2. b ostracize
  3. c whet
  4. d virtuoso
  5. e old and classic or a harvest of grapes

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  1. remorse
  2. having to do with the church parish, having a closed mind
  3. a ring of light around the sun or moon
  4. outstandingly or notably bad
  5. a prosecution, or an organized massacre

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  1. reverberateecho, repeat all around


  2. crypticsecret, mysterious


  3. arcanean angel


  4. indolenthandcuff, restraint


  5. (n.) fear or hatred of strangers or foreignersxenophobia


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