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  1. practitioner
  2. valor
  3. temperate
  4. sanguine
  5. sheaf
  1. a boldness, determination in the face of danger
  2. b peaceful, joyous
  3. c someone who practices a learned profession
  4. d not extreme/mild/moderate
  5. e bundle, cluster, collection

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  1. willful, headstrong, luxuriant
  2. the study of stars to predict the future
  3. a deadly or virulent epidemic disease
  4. rise/become dominant
  5. to cause/to produce/to create

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  1. taffetarise/become dominant


  2. apothecarythe study of stars to predict the future


  3. statutepeaceful, joyous


  4. lecherousexcessive indulgence; lust


  5. remedysomething that corrects a wrong/cures a sickness or disease


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