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  1. How did railroads change America?
  2. Who were the Allies? Who were the Axis?
  3. Amendment 17
  4. pertain to, stretch to
  5. Amendment 27
  1. a Salaries of Senators and Representatives take effect after election
  2. b They created a market for goods on a national scale, encouraged mass production and consumption, and created economic specialization.
  3. c Allies - Britain, Soviet Union, U.S., Axis - Italy, Germany, Japan.
  4. d pertineō,
    (pertinēre, pertinuī, ----, 2nd)
    (ad with accusative)
  5. e Direct election of senators

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  1. amātus sum, amāta sum, amātum sum
    (es, est)
  2. Man is a sinner and is saved through redemption.
  3. amāveram
    (āverās, āverat)
  4. To reform the church from the outside.
  5. Two term limit for Presidency

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  1. What type of government did Fidel Castro set up in Cuba?They got involved in 1917 because German submarines had free range to shoot down any incoming ship, and eventually killed U.S. citizens aboard the British Lusitania. Also, the Zimmerman telegram.


  2. Imperfect Indicative Passiveamābar
    (ābāris, ābātur)


  3. Name 4 reasons for the colonization of America.amātus erō, amāta erō, amātum erō
    (eris, erit)


  4. Imperfect Indicative Activeamāveram
    (āverās, āverat)


  5. ErasmusMan is a sinner and is saved through redemption.


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