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  1. importune
  2. obfuscate
  3. fervent
  4. bedlam
  5. amorphous
  1. a shapeless, formless, vague
  2. b to ask persistently, beg, appeal, badger
  3. c eager, earnest, burning, passionate
  4. d a noisy uproar; a scene of wild confusion
  5. e to confuse, bewilder, muddle, obscure

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  1. savage, brutal, brutish, vile, cruel
  2. a division into two parts
  3. dishonorable, shameful, despicable, base
  4. to look at or think with great satisfaction, revel, crow
  5. coarsely abusive; vulgar

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  1. gambolcommon, ordinary


  2. parochiallocal, narrow, limited, provincial, narrow minded


  3. extenuateto weaken, devitalize, exhaust


  4. chagrinembarrassment, loss of courage


  5. obloquysyn: censure, rebuke
    ant: acclaim, praise


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