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  1. Negative Attitude Change (Boomerang Effect)
  2. Groupthink
  3. Private Acceptance
  4. Stigmas
  5. Categorization
  1. a The natural tendency of humans to sort objects into groups
  2. b Genuine inner belief that others are right
  3. c Doing exactly the opposite of what one is being persuaded to do
  4. d the tendency of group members to think alike
  5. e Characteristics of individuals that are considered socially unacceptable (overweight)

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  1. Whether you accept the message
  2. Unequal treatment of different people based on the groups or categories to with they belong
  3. How much a source knows
  4. A prediction that ensures by the behavior it generates that it will not come true. have a baby face act aggressive more likely to steal.
  5. Introduction of an unexpected element: First, disrupts critical thinking them reframes message in a positive light

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  1. Confirmation biasThe tendency to focus more on evidence that supports ones expectations than on evidence that contradicts them


  2. Foot-in-the-door TechniqueStart with an inflated request and then retreat to a smaller request that appears to be a concession


  3. Stealing ThunderRevealing potentially incriminating evidence first to negate its impact


  4. Discontinuity EffectThe finding that people show favoritism toward in-group members even when group membership is randomly determined


  5. Need for CognitionA tendency to engage in and enjoy effortful thinking, analysis and mental problem solving


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