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  1. circuitous
  2. bulwark
  3. disingenuous
  4. solecism
  5. circumlocution
  1. a a deviation or error in speech, manners, or deeds
  2. b indirect; roundabout
  3. c insincere; calculating
  4. d unnecessarily wordy or evasive language
  5. e a defensive wall or embankment

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  1. a thin, attractive layer that conceals something common or coarse
  2. impossible to defend or justify
  3. to express oneself enthusiastically
  4. integrity; respectability
  5. a tip or payment in addition to regular wages

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  1. assiduousinsincere; calculating


  2. wonta group of attendants; a retinue


  3. umbragefeeling of offense; resentment


  4. majordomotimid


  5. pulchritudea group of attendants; a retinue


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