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  1. covert
  2. wight
  3. envisage
  4. Abdicate
  5. apothegm
  1. a to contemplate, visualize V
  2. b a short instructive saying N
  3. c not intended to be known, a shelter or hiding place
  4. d a living being, a creature, esp. a human N
  5. e to cast off or discard, esp. a duty renounce office. V

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  1. to project, extend, or expand into an area not fully known V
  2. gray or white with old age, extremely old, ancient. ADJ
  3. to talk in an inane manner, especially at length V
  4. mutually destructive ADJ
  5. calm and subdued ADJ

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  1. Beliefamily, class or kind N


  2. paroxysmany sudden, violent, outburst; a fit of violent action or emotion N


  3. Extantlate ADJ


  4. Reconnoitergall, impudence. N


  5. beleaguercalm and subdued ADJ


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