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  1. crine=
  2. hyposecretion
  3. anterior pituitary hormones controlled by?
  4. glycolysis
  5. growth hormone GH stimulates
  1. a hypothalamic releasing factors
  2. b to secrete
  3. c conversion back to glucose by glucagon
  4. d dwarfism, too little HGH
  5. e growth of bones, other tissues

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  1. move calcium from bones into blood
  2. secrete hormones into blood
  3. OT
  4. neurohypophysis
  5. catecholamines hormones (2 types)

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  1. thyroid glands function?metabolic control it targets all body cells


  2. norepinephrine=noradrenaline


  3. endocrine tissue of the pancreasislets of Langerhans


  4. the three types of corticosteroids?glucocorticoids, mineralocorticoids, sex hormones


  5. pineal glands locationcerebral cortex


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