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  1. Decentralization
  2. Pennsylvania State Police v. Suders
  3. McKennon v. Nashville Banner Publishing Co.
  4. Subject matter expert (SME)
  5. Performance standards
  1. a Case in which Supreme Court ruled on the use of the affirmative defense in a constructive discharge claim to an employer whose supervisors are charged with harassment.
  2. b Expectations of management translated into behaviors and results that employees can deliver.
  3. c Degree to which decision-making authority is given to lower levels in an organization's hierarchy.
  4. d Case in which Supreme Court held that evidence of misconduct aquired after the decision to terminate cannot free an employer from liability, even if the misconduct would have justified terminating the employee.
  5. e Person who is well versed in the content of a human resource development program.

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  1. Learning elements that may be reused in a variety of contexts; examples include animated graphics, job aids, and print modules.
  2. Based on research that uses open-ended interviewing to explore and understand attitudes, opinions, feelings, and behavior.
  3. Statistical method that can be used to project future demand; several variables are utilized.
  4. Occurs when an employer makes working conditions so intolerable that an employee has no choice but to resign.
  5. Refers to the link between a selection device and job performance.

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  1. Job AnalysisLevel of learning characterized by understanding information to the level of being able to break it down and explain how it fits together.


  2. Polygraph testFailure to recognize responses of a candidate that are socially acceptable rather than factual.


  3. Vietnam Era Veterans Readjustment Assistance ActAct that prohibits discrimination against certain veterans by the U.S. government and federal contractors.


  4. Developmental activitiesLevel of learning characterized by ability to make judgments.


  5. Organizational unitAny discrete component of an organization in which there is a level of supervision responsible and accountable for the selection, compensation, etc., of employees within the unit.


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