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  1. relic
  2. ten commandments
  3. mass
  4. Allah
  5. ashkenazim
  1. a go forrth, the central roman catholic ritual always including eucharist, of celebnration adn worship of God, including song, prayer and scripture reading
  2. b an item of relgious veneration due to its associaten with a holy person such a a fragment of christs cross or a tooth of budha
  3. c the one divinity of Islam. Contraction of al-ilah "the deity"
  4. d first of the 613 laws of the jewish torah, in exodus 20. some are thelogical and some are ethical
  5. e Jews who lived in Europe, mostly East, such as Poland and Germany

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  1. a long ocean spearating arabia from africa. Pharaoh pursued the hebrews to the red sea where god separated waters like a wall on each side so they could pass on dry land. then waters rushed back drowing the egyptians. shows the power of god to overcome injustice.
  2. muslims who seek direct, close experience of allah, offtehn called mystics. leaders stress their obligations to also follow the moral and legal traditions of islam. some practice ascetic self denial others seek trance states such as the whirling dervishes
  3. the portable chest in hebrew tradition (known also in other anicent cultures) containing two tablets on which were written the 10 commandments. It was seen as a powerful manifestation of the presence o God. It was taken to Jerusalem by David and then installed in the Temple by Solomon.
  4. son of abraham and his concubine Keturah. and his descendants, who became the migrant tribes of desert herders, known best for their hospitality to moses in the Sinai region after he escpaed slavery
  5. quorum of ten adult jewish males required for communal worship

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  1. torahthe ritualistic icrlcing of the kabah cube seven times at the center of the great mosque in mecca


  2. pilate , pontiusgod sent ________ to punish egypt until pharaoh released the Hebrew slaves. water turned to blood, fish died, water foul.


  3. last supperwitness-one who dies for a faith or a cause


  4. apocalypsea christian sent forth after Jesus's life to spread his Gospel


  5. eschatologythe 10 commandments in the biblical book of Exodus 20


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