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  1. capsule
  2. Distinguish between simple and differential biological stains and list the four major steps of the Gram stain.
  3. periplasm
  4. Woese
  5. List and define the five methods of culturing microorganisms
  1. a a sticky outer coat for some prokaryotes
  2. b proposed classifying all life into three domains
  3. c a compartment in gram-negative bacteria that lies between the outer and cytoplamic membranes
  4. d A simple stain is one dye. A differential stain is two different colored dyes .Four steps: Crystal Violet, Iodine treatment, Decolorization, and Counter Stain
  5. e 1.Incoulate 2.Incubate 3. Isolation 4.Inspection 5. Identification

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  1. an organism that can grow in, or favors environments that have very high salt concentrations
  2. the idea that living things come from nonliving things
  3. The genius is listed first and is capitalized , then comes the species which is in lower case
  4. ability to glow under ultraviolet light
  5. thin, flexible barrier around a cell; regulates what enters and leaves the cell

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  1. strict aerobecan only survive in anaerobic conditions


  2. pathogenicdisease causing


  3. mixed culturecontainer growing two or more indentified species


  4. taxonomythe scientific study of how living things are classified


  5. Explain the basic shapes and groupings of bacteria (morphological characteristics)Coccus, rod or bacillius, curved or spiral


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