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  1. slacken
  2. sorrowful
  3. soar
  4. snatch
  5. scramble
  1. a v. to seize quickly in a rude or eager way
  2. b v. to make or become less active or intense
  3. c v. to move or make one's way quickly and awkwardly, using one's hands as well as one's feet; n. act of scrambling
  4. d adj. feeling or showing sorrow
  5. e v. to fly or rise high into the air

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  1. v. to rub against a rough or hard surface; n. a difficult situation or a fight
  2. v. to set apart from the rest or from each other
  3. n. a place giving protection from bad weather or danger; provide with shelter
  4. adj. very solemn or serious
  5. v. to look at or glance over something quickly; n. an act of scanning

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  1. slyadj. having a cunning and deceitful nature


  2. sizablev. to climb to the top of something; a series of markings or divisions at regular intervals, for use in measuring; a measuring device with such markings


  3. screenv. to fasten or tighten; n. a metal pin with a spiral thread running around it


  4. shrinkv. to shake slightly from fear or excitement


  5. schemen. a pleasant smell


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