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  1. which type of cell in the bbb regulates water permeabilty
  2. where is the region of most post natal brain development
  3. what is the component of endothelial cells of bbb that provide continuos physical barrier
  4. which type of modulation (pre/post) can GPCR both enhance or reduce
  5. which transport mechanism across the bbb moves glucose, amino acids, peptides
  1. a cerebral cortex
  2. b post synaptic
  3. c pericyte
  4. d transport mediated
  5. e tight junction

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  1. adsorptive mediated
  2. marginal layer
  3. nonspecific
  4. yes
  5. song box

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  1. what is the term for the process by which spike initiation zone of a neuron combines all synaptic inputs and makes decision whether to fire or not to fire an action potentialsynaptic integration


  2. who was initially discovered the blood brain barrierpail elrich


  3. what is defined as the time it takes for the membrane potential to arrive at 63% of its final peak value or decay 37% of its peaktime constant


  4. the __the time constant the faster the membrane potential changes with electrical unputsmaller


  5. what is the formation of precise synaptic connectinos between pre and post synaptic partnerstight junction


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