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  1. explicit memory
  2. experimental condition
  3. algorithm
  4. operational definition
  5. delusions
  1. a the condition of an experiment that exposes participants to the treatment, that is, to one version of the independent variable
  2. b Memory of facts and experiences that one can consciously know and "declare"
  3. c A methodical, logical rule or procedure that guarantees solving a particular problem
  4. d a statement of the procedures (operations) used to define research variables
  5. e False beliefs, often of persecution or grandeur, that accompany psychotic disorders

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  1. The deep affectionate attachment we feel for those with whom are lives are intertwined
  2. Group-oriented leadership that builds teamwork, mediates conflict, and offers support
  3. According to Rogers, an attitude of total acceptance toward another person
  4. Maslow's pyramid of human needs, beginning at the base with physiological needs that must first be satisfied before higher-level safety needs and then psychological needs become active
  5. The application of psychological concepts and methods to optimizing human behavior in workplaces

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  1. automatic processingSustained exercise that increases heart and lung fitness; may also alleviate depression and anxiety


  2. fetusThe light-sensitive inner surface of the eye, containing the receptor rods and cones plus layers of neurons that begin the processing of visual information


  3. intensityA mental grouping of similar objects, events, ideas, or people


  4. formal operational stageA study in which people of different ages are compared with one another


  5. DSM-IVThe American Psychiatric Association's Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, a widely used system for classifying psychological disorders


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