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  1. to place side by side
  2. asleep, inactive
  3. ludicrous
  4. one in a series of levels
  5. bedlam
  1. a absurd, laughable, ridiculous
  2. b dormant
  3. c juxtapose
  4. d echelon
  5. e uproar confusion or chaos

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  1. wanderlust
  2. a means of transporting
  3. a closed meeting of a political party or faction
  4. mad, easily angered, hot-tempered
  5. amalgam

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  1. indolentlazy


  2. plummetto fall or plunge straight downward


  3. to chew, to soften by crushingitinerary


  4. adj. the original pattern or modelarchetype


  5. coronaa ring of light around the sun or moon


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