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  1. Battle of El Alamein in 1942
  2. What was Operation 'Z' (in 1940)?
  3. What was Operation Husky in 1943?
  4. Who became the British Prime Minister in 1940?
  5. Why was June 14th the happiest day of Hitler's life? How is it related to what Germany experienced in WWI? (1940)
  1. a Allied forced land in Sicily; start moving up the boot. (Causes Italy to surrender)
  2. b An attack on Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, to destroy the US Pacific Fleet.
  3. c Winston Churchill
  4. d The capture of Paris; (France surrendered to Germany in the same place in WWII as the place where Germany surrendered to France in WWI)
  5. e German troops defeated by British troops in the Mediterranean.

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  1. Largest tank battle in history; Germany loses.
  2. Battle of Stalingrad.
  3. No
  4. American fleet met a larger Japanese fleet trying to capture Midway Island. The Americans defeated the Japanese.
  5. Post- war borders of Germany

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  1. Why did the Axis lose in North Africa in 1943?To force surrender


  2. What operation did Hitler delay to help Italy when they were invading Yugoslavia and Greece in 1941?Operation Barbarossa


  3. On whom did the US finally get revenge for Pearl Harbor in 1943?Admiral Yamamoto


  4. What was the "phony war" in 1939?Allied forced land in Sicily; start moving up the boot. (Causes Italy to surrender)


  5. What two other US territories did Japan capture in December in 1941?Guam and Wake Island


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