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  1. what is the name of the pathway what controls voluntary movement and has decussation in the medulla
  2. which cranial nerve functions in the motor for lateral rectus muscle of eye
  3. what is the name of the defect where the meninges and some spinal cord protrudes through the defect
  4. what is a group of nerve fibers with same origin, destination course and function
  5. how many cervical nerves are there
  1. a corticospinal pathway
  2. b tract
  3. c cranial nerve 6
  4. d meningomyelocele
  5. e 8

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  1. encephalocele
  2. 2 potassium
  3. lamina 8
  4. hand
  5. active change

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  1. neurons are the only type of cells that have____; and have only one of itaxon


  2. what is the name of the structure located internal to the skull and vertrbral column consisting of fibroblast and connective tissueorganogenesis


  3. what is cranial nerve #2vestibucochlear nerve


  4. loss of sensation in the face indicates a problem in which cranial nervecranial nerve 3


  5. what is the most common type of synapsepresynaptic, postsynaptic, synaptic cleft


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