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  1. Enveloped viruses
  2. MCG
  3. enzyme converts substrate quickly
  4. GP 120
  5. Nitrase Reductase outcome #1
  1. a micrograms
    1x10 ^-6
    1 millionth of a gram
  2. b Why is ELISA so sensitive?
  3. c cannot survive outside the body
    ex. Hepatitis B
    phospholipid bilayer-cell membrane
    loses mode of attachment when disinfectants are used
    sensitive to environment
  4. d NO3--->NO2
    nitrate reduction positive
  5. e HIV glycoprotein spike that attaches to T cells

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  1. increase disinfectant effectiveness
  2. halts prolieferation
  3. kills fungi
  4. B. subtilis (spores)
    protozoan cysts
    fungi (spores for reproduction)
  5. catalast negative

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  1. Mycobacteriamycolic wax prevents absoprtion of antibiotics


  2. Nitrase Reduction Test Purpose10 drops of A and B


  3. Red Color after Reagent A and Bzinc powder


  4. Anti HIV antibodyfrom infected hosts blood


  5. No color change after Reagent Cno nitrate (NO3) present
    nitrates were reduced to nitrites which were then reduced to other products
    positive result


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