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  1. Tenet
  2. Ordain
  3. Revelry
  4. Venerable
  5. Mercurial
  1. a boisterous festivity
  2. b respected because of age
  3. c belief, doctrine
  4. d quick tempered, unpredictable
  5. e to make someone a priest or minister

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  1. an owner of a store or other business
  2. annoying, tedious
  3. brawny, husky
  4. incapable of making a mistake
  5. playfully jocular

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  1. Jadedlong, violent speech; verbal assault


  2. Repleteabundantly supplied


  3. Assimilateto absorb into a population; to take in a part and absorb into the whole


  4. Rectifyto correct


  5. Beguileto stare at, often in a flirtatious and bold manner


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