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  1. Parley
  2. Ruthless
  3. Appease
  4. Stark
  5. Regionalism/Local Color
  1. a an informal discussion with an enemy during a truce
  2. b to pacify
  3. c merciless
  4. d Sought to capture the essence of life in the various regions of the growing nations through the use of regional dialect and vivid descriptions of the landscape.
  5. e absolute

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  1. to abandon or desert
  2. respect
  3. politeness
  4. Writers attempted to capture the essence of modern life in both the form and content of their work. Uncertainty, bewilderment, and apparent meaninglessness were common themes in modern literature. Writers abandoned the traditional plot, structure and structured stories to reflect fragmentation of human experience.
  5. rules for manners and ceremonies

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  1. Congenialcompatible


  2. Detractto take value away from the whole


  3. Expedientvery enthusiastic


  4. Hasteto abandon or desert


  5. Exaggerationextremely important or urgent


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