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  1. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission
  2. Government corporation
  3. Federation
  4. Ratify a treaty
  5. Unitarian
  1. a Balance of both
  2. b 2/3 senate
  3. c is a federal agency charged with ending employment discrimination
  4. d U.S. Postal ,AMTRAK, FDIC
  5. e Strong central government weak members

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  1. Representatives who cast the final ballot that actually elects the President.
  2. Catalyst to the second constitution of California
  3. Libel/slander, obscentity, clear and present danger, commercial
  4. eliminated poll tax
  5. right to bear arms

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  1. Advantages of federalismbetter suited for large and diverse populations, states can serve as laboratories of democracy


  2. Traditional method to amending the U.S. Constitution7


  3. Two basic components of a democracyprobelm identification, policy formulation, policy adoption, policy implementation, policy evaluation


  4. 19th Amendmentvoters rights


  5. revenue sharinggiving money to states


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