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  1. instinct
  2. persistence is
  3. medial forebrain bundle
  4. hippocampus
  5. William James
  1. a pleasure, reinforcement
  2. b is motivation focusing on the mechanistic by explaining unlearned behaviour that has energy and purpose
  3. c was the first psychologist the popularize the instinct theory
  4. d behaviour inhibition system during unexpected events
  5. e the higher a person's motivation, the greater will be his or her __________ on that task

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  1. when a persons ______ are satisfied, well being is maintained and enhanced
  2. they are internalized learned from emotional and socialization histories ex., achievement, affiliation, intimacy, power
  3. dopamine, serotonin, norepinephrine, endorphin
  4. cocaine, alcohol, and high-fat diets
  5. external, introjected, identified, and intergrated

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  1. brain activitychemicals in saliva or blood, such as cortisol ( stress) or catecholamines ( fight or flight reaction)


  2. ocular activityeye behaviour- pupil size (extent of mental activity), eye (changing cognitive states), and eye movements (reflective thought)


  3. aroused motivationstimulated hypothalamus creates the psychological experience of hunger


  4. oxytocina hormone produced by stomach cells and circulates in the blood


  5. PETposition emission tomography


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