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  1. apologist
  2. anathema
  3. myopia
  4. vernacular
  5. argot
  1. a everyday, rather than literary language; the native language or dialect of a country, place, or group; commonly spoken by a region or group
  2. b a person who speaks in defense of a person, an idea, or a position
  3. c lack of planning for the future; shortsightedness; nearsightness; a condition in which distant objects apear blurred
  4. d something or someone that is greatly hated and avoided
  5. e the informal, specialized vocabulary or expressions of a particular group

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  1. a very small piece; a small treat
  2. to discourage from doing something through persuasion
  3. pleasing to the taste or smell; appetizing; flavorful; spicy or salty, but not sweet; morallygood or satisfactory; respectable
  4. stale and foul because of lack of movement; lacking progress or vitality
  5. excellent judgement and insight; skill in perceiving

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  1. impressionistica feeling that something will happen in the future; an advance warning


  2. galvanizeto pound, crush, or grind into powder or dust


  3. denotationsomething newly introduced or created


  4. cessationthe most direct or specific meaning of a word


  5. epicurea person with refined taste, especially in food and drink


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