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  1. edify
  2. ephemeral
  3. imperative
  4. besiege
  5. carrion
  1. a decaying flesh
  2. b extremely necessary, vitally important
  3. c to overwhelm, surround and attack
  4. d improve someone morally
  5. e lasting only a brief time, short lived, transient, fleeting

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  1. visible to the naked eye
  2. evident or obvious
  3. common, ordinary
  4. very sheer and light, transparent, gossamer
  5. pertaining to sexual love

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  1. importunepowerless, ineffective, helpless


  2. enervateto weaken, devitalize, exhaust


  3. maelstromsyn: barbarous, perverse
    ant: civilized, humane


  4. bovinemild, tasteless, dull, smooth, agreeable


  5. ebullienthazy, vague, uncertain


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