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  1. Subtypes
  2. Narcissists
  3. Yielding
  4. Legitimization of Paltry Favors Technique
  5. Peripheral Route (Heuristic Processing)
  1. a The route to persuasion that involves some simple cue such as attractiveness of the source (automatic processing)
  2. b Categories that people use for individuals who do not fit a general stereotype
  3. c request that indicates any amount of help/aid is acceptable
  4. d Individuals who regard themselves as better than other and are constantly trying to win the admiration of others
  5. e Whether you accept the message

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  1. Deciding as quickly as possible whether a string of letters is a real word or not
  2. Explanations to justify why people in power deserve to be in power
  3. The tendency for people to take credit for success but refuse blame for problems and failures
  4. The assumption that outgroup members are more similar to one another than ingroup members are to one another. we do not have as much exposure to outgroup members as we do to ingroup
  5. Prejudiced attitudes toward a particular race

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  1. Social InfluenceGoing along with the crowd to be liked and accepted


  2. Labeling TechniqueCaptures peoples attention by making a novel request, Presents the message in an unusual fashion


  3. Contact HypothesisCategories that people use for individuals who do not fit a general stereotype


  4. Superordinate GoalsThe natural tendency of humans to sort objects into groups


  5. Social Facilitation TheoryProposition that the presence of others increases the dominant response tendency


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