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  1. Congenial
  2. succor
  3. Abdicate
  4. enervate
  5. Hoary
  1. a gray or white with old age, extremely old, ancient. ADJ
  2. b to help or relieve V, help, aid, relief N
  3. c cause to feel drained of energy or vitality V
  4. d to cast off or discard, esp. a duty renounce office. V
  5. e kindred or similar, pleasant ADJ

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  1. ADJ, Flagrantly wicked, impious
  2. to convey or profess something of meaning; to imply V
  3. surrender or yield, something that one possesses V
  4. that which undermines ADJ
  5. attack violently with blows or words VB

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  1. bric-a-bracmeaningless talk. N


  2. glitzypretentiously or tastelessly showy ADJ


  3. Effronterygall, impudence. N


  4. Elucidateto face or release from entanglement V


  5. blathercopy


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