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  1. Language translators
  2. Surge protectors
  3. Uninterruptible power supply
  4. Firewall
  5. Operating systems
  1. a Devices that protect electronic equipment from variations in electric current.
  2. b A combination of hardware and software that creates a buffer between an internal network and the Internet to prevent unauthorized access.
  3. c A battery power source that provides electric current during a power outage.
  4. d Systems software that provides an interface between the user or application program and the computer hardware.
  5. e Systems software that convents code written in a programming language into machine language that the computer can understand.

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  1. Also called productivity software; helps you perform a specific task such as word processing, spreadsheets, and so forth.
  2. A set of clearly defined, logical steps that solve a problem.
  3. Systems software that performs tasks related to managing the computer's resources, file management, diagnostics, and other specialized chores.
  4. A group of programs that coordinate and control the resources and operations of a computer system.
  5. A computer program that is written to cause corruption of data.

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  1. Network operating systemAn operating system that runs on a network server.


  2. BootThe process of starting a computer.


  3. Serial portsComputer ports that can transmit data eight bits at a time; usually used by a printer.


  4. MultitaskingRunning two or more distinct computer operations simultaneously; one in the foreground, the other(s) in the background.


  5. User interfacePart of the computer's operating system that users interact with.


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