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  1. What did the Kaiser mean in his message to Hitler in 1939?
  2. What was the bloodiest battle ever fought in history?
  3. What country did Japan and the Soviet Union fight over in 1939? What lesson did Japan learn from this?
  4. Which General landed his American and British troops in Africa in Operation Torch in 1942?
  5. What operation did Hitler delay to help Italy when they were invading Yugoslavia and Greece in 1941?
  1. a WWII may be worse for Germany than WWI
  2. b Dwight D. Eisenhower. (Advance on the Germans in Tunisia from west)
  3. c Battle of Stalingrad.
  4. d Mongolia; Not to attack USSR; Army is better than Navy.
  5. e Operation Barbarossa

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  1. Operation Bagration; Tears open Eastern front and drives Nazis out of Soviet lands.
  2. Not put the emperor on trial
  3. Great Britain and France declare war on Germany, but nothing is done (sitzkrieg)
  4. Guadalcanal and Tarawa
  5. Battle of the Bulge; (Hitler fails)

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  1. What country built the Maginot Line? Did it successfully serve its purpose?France; No.


  2. What two countries fought in the Winter War in 1939? What was the result?Great Britain, Italy, and German (Afrikacorps)


  3. June 6, 1944, is better known as what?Siege


  4. What happened August 1942?American marines took the airfield on Guadalcanal which protected Australian supply line.


  5. What was Operation 'Z' (in 1940)?An attack on Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, to destroy the US Pacific Fleet.


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