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  1. disorder of which migration protein will result in enlarged ventricles, dimisihed white matter, and disrupted pattern on sucli/gyri
  2. what is the term for the process by which spike initiation zone of a neuron combines all synaptic inputs and makes decision whether to fire or not to fire an action potential
  3. which cells of the bbb are known to have end feet that cover majority of the brain
  4. in his experiment which sensation did dr henry head regain last
  5. which circumventricular organ controls the vomiting center and senses toxins
  1. a area postrema
  2. b synaptic integration
  3. c astrocyte
  4. d motor
  5. e reelin

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  1. chromosome condensation
  2. malformation of the cerebral cortex
  3. phagocytosied
  4. migration
  5. scarring

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  1. what is the formation of precise synaptic connectinos between pre and post synaptic partnersendothelial cells


  2. which transport mechanism across the bbb moves glucose, amino acids, peptidestransport mediated


  3. what is the term for the finer delineation of neurons to specific characterspathfinding


  4. is there a high or low action potential threshold at the spike initiation zoneinitial segment of the axon hillock


  5. which transport mechanism across the bbb small lipophillic molecules like waterreceptor mediated


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