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  1. epiphany
  2. crescendo
  3. intransigent
  4. voluble
  5. depredate
  1. a uncompromising; refusing to moderate
  2. b a gradual increase in intensity, force, or volume
  3. c a revelation; sudden knowledge or insight
  4. d talkative
  5. e to plunder and pillage

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  1. a deliberately misleading story
  2. the history of a word; the study of word origins
  3. lazy
  4. vague bodily or emotional discomfort or uneasiness
  5. unrelenting; persistent

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  1. tacitindicated but not expressed; implied silently


  2. perambulateto walk about; to stroll


  3. compunctionan uneasiness caused by guilt; a qualm


  4. untenableto plunder and pillage


  5. veneera thin, attractive layer that conceals something common or coarse


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