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  1. Kierkegaard
  2. Pluperfect Indicative Active
  3. What is the 15th Amendment?
  4. Amendment 3
  5. Amendment 27
  1. a Salaries of Senators and Representatives take effect after election
  2. b amāveram
    (āverās, āverat)
  3. c Existentialism - everyone must discern what is true for himself.
  4. d Quartering of Troops
  5. e An amendment that gives all men the right to vote.

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  1. amābō
    (ābis, ābit)
  2. Acquiring territory or gaining control over the political or economic life of other countries.
  3. Right to bear and keep arms
  4. The idea that people should glorify their nation and their race through an aggressive show of force.
  5. amābar
    (ābāris, ābātur)

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  1. Pluperfect Indicative Passiveamātus eram, amāta eram, amātum eram
    (erās, erat)


  2. lay waste, ravagevastō,
    (vastāre, vastāvī, vastātus, 1st)


  3. from/on all sidesDiscourse; asking questions to get to the truth.


  4. Article 3Judicial Branch


  5. Amendment 13Abolition of Slavery


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