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  1. skeletal muscles
  2. comminuted fracture
  3. neurons
  4. trapezius
  5. spinal cord
  1. a attached to bone and cause body movements
  2. b bone is shattered into more than two pieces
  3. c nerve cells, sensory, motor and interneurons
  4. d upper back muscles
  5. e a long column of nerve tissue about the thickness of your index finger, extending about 18 inches down your backe

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  1. facial bones and vertebrae
  2. the bones that make up your spine.
  3. front of the upper leg muscles
  4. results from a sharp blow or the twisting of a joint
  5. neurons in the brain are destroyed resulting in confusion, loss of memory and gradual mental deterioration.

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  1. arthritisinflammation of a joint


  2. ligamenta band of fibrous, slightly elastic connective tissue that attaches bone to bone


  3. central nervous systemincludes nerves that extend from the brain, spinal cord, and sensory receptors, gathering information from inside and outside your body


  4. axial skeleton80 bones of the skull, spine, ribs, vertebrae, ad sternum


  5. hamstringsback of the upper leg muscle


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