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  1. a person with unusual skill in any field, particularly in the arts
  2. adj. frightening, dreadful, awe-inspiring
  3. paraphernalia
  4. n. a mixture of elements
  5. a raised image on precious stone, a small role
  1. a formidable
  2. b the various articles for a certain activity
  3. c amalgam
  4. d virtuoso
  5. e cameo

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  1. secret, mysterious
  2. Sweet or musical, smoothly flowing
  3. to steal insignificant items
  4. whet
  5. having both male and female characteristics

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  1. replicatesecret, mysterious


  2. coiling part of a climbing plant that serves to attach itself to supportpromontory


  3. a dark outline against a light backgroundsilhouette


  4. intrepidold and classic or a harvest of grapes


  5. precariousrisky dangerous, unstable


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