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  1. Hebrews
  2. st john the divine cathederal
  3. calvinism
  4. haran
  5. night journey of muhammed
  1. a ancient name for the semitic people of israel tradtionally descended from Abraham. found earlierist in texts about them in egypt, another name for JEW
  2. b major protestant reformation teaching of John calvin of Geneva, emphasizes Gods calling believers to slvation rather than human choice, or divine predestiantion
  3. c episocopal cathederal of NY state in NYC. gothic architecture located on morningside hieghts at 110th st and cathedral ave. betwen columbia uni and harlem
  4. d a visionary journey reported by Muhammed in which he flew on a small donkey from Mecca to Jersusalem, then to heaven , where he met allah
  5. e an important ancient city and caravan stop in nw mesopotamia in tradition, abrahams father settled there with his family and later abraham left there to go west to canaan

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  1. the lists of topics for debate about roman catholic docrtrine that martin muther nailed to the cathedral door in wittenberg, germany in 1517. beginning of protestant reformation
  2. the group of twelve men who were the inner circle of Jesus's followers sent out with their wives to teach and heal.
  3. founder of the Sikh faith in India
  4. the christian sacrament of communion based on the gosepl account of jesus meeting for passover meal with his disciples, sharing bread and wine, just before his capture and crucifixion
  5. what happend to the Jewish temples?

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  1. midianquorum of ten adult jewish males required for communal worship


  2. sarahabrahams wife, who traveled with him to canaan. promised many progeny by God, sarah could not bear childdren so she gave her egyptian maid Hagar to abe who bore him ishmael., sarah finally gave biorth to issac


  3. ark of the covenanta formal agreement , treaty, or contract giving each party obligations. may bind individuals states or God. Hebrew covenants with God included Noah, abraham, moses and david, some promsiing the land of israel to the hebrews


  4. Allahthe one divinity of Islam. Contraction of al-ilah "the deity"


  5. relican item of relgious veneration due to its associaten with a holy person such a a fragment of christs cross or a tooth of budha


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