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  1. semantics
  2. argot
  3. mar
  4. critique
  5. perceptive
  1. a a detailed review; an evaluation; to review, discuss, or evaluate
  2. b marked by understanding or awareness; sharp; sensitive
  3. c to inflict damage or spoil the quality of
  4. d the informal, specialized vocabulary or expressions of a particular group
  5. e the study of meaning and word interpretation; the exact meaning of a word

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  1. a bring or coming to an end; a halt
  2. below the threshold of concious thought; not detectable, but able to bring a response
  3. a very small piece; a small treat
  4. gloomy and sullen
  5. to criticize, argue, or rause objections over something unimportant; an unimportant complaint

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  1. hamperto cook gentley in a liquid just at or below the boiling point; to be filled with pent-up emotion


  2. simmerto hint; to suggest indirectly


  3. substantiateto support with evidence


  4. quaffto take advantage of people by tricking or fooling them; someone tricked and taken advantage of


  5. quixoticdedicated to unreachable goals; idealistic but not practical


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