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  1. Market Research
  2. variable expenses
  3. outstanding checks
  4. transfer payments
  5. antitrust laws
  1. a checks that have been written but haven't yet reached the bank
  2. b any payment made by a government for a purpose other than that of purchasing goods or services, as for welfare benefits.
  3. c expenses that fluctuate and over which you have some control, such as food and entertainment
  4. d allow the government to break up monopolies, regulate them, or take them over
  5. e Companies gather and study information about consumers to determine what kinds of goods and services to produce

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  1. The amount of money a company has to make on a product to pay for its costs
  2. a group of customers who share common wants and needs, and who have the ability to purchase the product
  3. currency in paper form, such as government and bank notes, as distinguished from metal currency.
  4. requires that men and women be paid the same wages for doing equal work
  5. a report of a business's net income or net loss over a specific period

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  1. monopolya company that controls an entire industry


  2. specializationmarket economy, or private enterprise


  3. capital gainsmarket economy, or private enterprise


  4. Target MarketingBusinesses perform detailed research on markets to find and analyze potential customers in their market


  5. Revenuegovernment or business income


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