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  1. rivulet
  2. sever
  3. prelude
  4. influx
  5. squander
  1. a preface overture prologue curtain-raiser
  2. b misspend dissipate
  3. c cut off, amputate, break off, dissolve,
  4. d inpouring, inrush, invasion
  5. e brook creek rill

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  1. acquit, absolve, exonerate advocate
  2. vulgar, crude, uncouth, ill-mannered, gauche
  3. friendly, sociable, amiable, compatible
  4. S: eminent, reowned, prominent, celebrated
  5. S: profane, impious, sacrilegious, flippant

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  1. extemporaneousS: composed, balanced, mellow, fair


  2. adeptmasterful, accomplished, proficient


  3. exonerateabsolve, acquit, vindicate, exculpate


  4. despicablelow, vile, cheap, sordid, detestable


  5. divulgeshy diffident sedate seemly decorous


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