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  1. instinct
  2. anterior cingulate cortex
  3. electrodermal (threat) activity
  4. biochemical agent
  5. fMRI
  1. a electrical changes on the surface of the skin (expression of or stimulus significance)
  2. b it assesses brain function by sampling blood flow over time and produces "movies" of participants brain activity while they perform certain tasks
  3. c ghrelin (a hormone produced and circulated in the blood stream)
  4. d mood, volition, making choices
  5. e is motivation focusing on the mechanistic by explaining unlearned behaviour that has energy and purpose

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  1. dopamine, serotonin, norepinephrine, endorphin
  2. is consciously experienced motivational state that readies the person to perform behaviours necessary to replenish a water deficit
  3. it is relatively strong, intense, and persistant and is aimed toward acheiving a particular goal
  4. learning responce-outcome contingencies that underlie perceived control beliefs and mastery motivation
  5. physiological study of the _________ proved an intellectual dead end as it became clear that "naming is not explaining"

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  1. willis the first grand theory


  2. the origins of intrinsic motivation areautonomy, competence, relatedness


  3. arcuate nucleusbrain center for appetite regulation


  4. grand theoryis the all encompassing theory that seeks to explain the full range of motivated action


  5. ventromedial hypothalamusThe part of the hypothalamus that produces feelings of fullness as opposed to hunger, and causes one to stop eating.


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