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  1. Motivation
  2. Third-country nationals
  3. Skill tracking systems
  4. Pareto chart
  5. Turnover
  1. a Annualized formula that tracks number of separations and total number of workforce employees for each month.
  2. b Term traditionally used to describe employees who are citizens of countries other than the organization's headquarters or the ones in which they work.
  3. c Factors that initiate, direct, and sustain human behavior over time.
  4. d Vertical bar graph on which bar height reflects frequency or impact of causes.
  5. e Computerized talent or skill inventories that can furnish a list of qualified people.

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  1. Method of evaluating candidates using content valid work samples of a job; typically for managerial positions.
  2. Tests that assess skills the candidate has already learned.
  3. Process of managing the way people leave an organization.
  4. Organizational structure in which divisions are separated by product, customer or market or region
  5. Agreement between an employer and an employee that explains the employment relationship.

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  1. Deductive reasoningProcess of hiring the most suitable candidate for a vacant position.


  2. Plateau curveSpecific point in a distribution of data that has a given percentage of cases below it.


  3. Supply chainLegislative measure limited in effect to either the Congress or one of its chambers.


  4. Short-term objectivesMilestones that must be achieved, usually within six months to one year, in order to reach long-term objectives.


  5. ObjectivesResults that participants will be able to perform at the end of a human resource development program.


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