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  1. How many people in LA county
  2. 3 types of third parties and examples
  3. How many district courts
  4. 2nd Amendment
  5. How man articles in the constitution
  1. a issue oriented-green party, ideological- socialist, personality- ross perot
  2. b 7
  3. c 10 million
  4. d right to bear arms
  5. e 94

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  1. 270
  2. mandates of federal aid that pertains to nondiscrimination environment protection, labor standars, and publix acces togovernmental information and decision making
  3. Unlawful searches and seizures
  4. Abortion
  5. method in which federal government attempts to influence states policy by including requirements in on area that influences state policy elewhere

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  1. Impeachmentsimple majority in the house 2/3 senate for removal and conviction


  2. 2 types of democraciesinnitiative, referendum, recall


  3. 24thAmendmenteliminated poll tax


  4. Who wrote the federalist papersJohn Jay, James Madison, Alexander Hamilton


  5. How many judges on Supreme court9


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