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  1. pumice
  2. average speed
  3. Global Winds
  4. Equinox
  5. Fog
  1. a winds that blow over long distances from a specific direction
  2. b a cloud that is near or touching the ground
  3. c a volcanic rock that is a light, sponge-like rock usually found at the surface of a lava flow with a mass of gas bubbles
  4. d where neither hemisphere is tilted towards the sun, and the lengths of daylight and darkness are about the same
  5. e the total distance traveled divided by the time it takes to travel that distance

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  1. the narrow, vertical channel through which magma rises to the surface
  2. forms when two cold air masses trap a warm air mass in between them
  3. a quantity that has magnitude and direction
  4. the rapid movement of large amounts of soil mixed with water down a slope
  5. the SI unit of work

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  1. magma chambera device that changes a force


  2. dikemolten rock and gases that flow out of volcanoes above ground


  3. Windthe measure of the force of gravity on an object


  4. Thermosphereabove the mesosphere, starts at 80 kilometers and extends outward into space


  5. Powerthe rate of doing work


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