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  1. impediment
  2. diaphanous
  3. deviate
  4. bona fide
  5. peccadillo
  1. a barrier, obstruction, obstacle, hindrance
  2. b in good faith, legitimate, genuine
  3. c a minor offense; a misdeed
  4. d to turn aside from, stray, digress
  5. e very sheer and light, transparent, gossamer

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  1. happening by chance or accident
  2. to lessen seriousness by providing partial excuses
  3. dishonorable, shameful, despicable, base
  4. to stare angrily, frown, scowl
  5. a puzzling situation; a dilemma

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  1. hedonisma new word or expression


  2. sacrosanctsyn: divine, angelic


  3. obfuscatestubborn; hardhearted


  4. carrionskillful; clever


  5. demeanora complete failure, total collapse


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