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  1. litus, litoris n. (3rd decl.)
  2. celer, celeris, celere (3rd decl. adj.)
  3. carmen, carminis n. (3rd decl.)
  4. iter, itineris n. (3rd decl.)
  5. ab/a + abl. (prep.)
  1. a swift, quick
  2. b song
  3. c journey, road, way (iter facere= make a journey, march)
  4. d shore, coast, beach
  5. e by

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  1. citizen
  2. work, task
  3. to show
  4. sharp, fierce, keen
  5. pirate

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  1. sine + abl. (prep.)in, on


  2. regnum, regni n. (2nd decl.)kingdom


  3. gens, gentis f (3rd decl.)bridge


  4. pectus, pectoris n. (3rd decl.)shore, coast, beach


  5. nox, noctis f. (3rd decl.)night


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