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  1. gonads (sex organs) are controlled by what stimulus?
  2. endocrine glands
  3. gluc/agons function
  4. adrenal glands are located superior aspect of?
  5. hypo/functioning
  1. a secrete hormones into blood
  2. b kidneys
  3. c RAISE blood glucose levels, carries sugar from "cells to blood"
  4. d anterior pituitary
  5. e LOW glucocorticoids, Addison's, hypoglycemia

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  1. stimulate development of ova(eggs) and female secondary sex charachteristics
  2. anterior lobe and posterior lobe
  3. dwarfism, too little HGH
  4. maintain normal serum calcium levels
  5. insufficient levels of T4, T3

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  1. adrenal medulla produces?catecholamines hormones (2 types)


  2. parathyroid gland is controlled by what stimulus?plasma calcium levels


  3. ovarian hormonesestrogens or estradiol, or estrone, and progesterone


  4. adrenal medulla is referred to as the?fight or flight system


  5. pancreas is controlled by this stimulusAutonomic nervous system


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