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  1. which type of membrane channels open when a hormone or neurotransmitter binds
  2. which type of cells form neurons sensory neurons in the PNS, postganglionic autonomic neurons, Schwann and satellite cells, enteric nervous system
  3. what is the target for mutations in channelopathies
  4. the union of two vertebral arteries will form what
  5. what is the medical technique used to visualize blood vessels in organs and heart
  1. a angiography
  2. b basilar artery
  3. c neural crest cells
  4. d ligand channels
  5. e subunits

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  1. retrograde
  2. ventral posterior nuceli
  3. refractory period
  4. folic acid
  5. 8

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  1. the anterior, medial, lateral, interlaminar nuclei are components of which part of the diencephalonposterior commissure


  2. all of the following are functions of the ventricular system except:
    -reduction of tractions of the nerves and blood vessels connected with the CNS
    - cushioning effect (dampening the effects of trauma)
    - removing of metabolites from the CNS
    - maintaining an ionic environment for the CNS
    -producing csf


  3. the opening of the folding tubes are also known as whatneuropores


  4. in the tuberal middle region of the medial hypothalmic zone what controls hormone releasing factors to anterior pituatarcuate nucleus


  5. what is the term for exiting/outputmeningeal


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