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  1. Inherent
  2. Magnanimous
  3. Mercenary
  4. Incongruous
  5. Notoriety
  1. a Not fitting; absurd
  2. b Influenced by desire for money; acting only for pay; greedy; one who is hired, esp.: A soldier hired by a foreign government.
  3. c Disrepute; ill fame
  4. d generous
  5. e inborn; built-in

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  1. a gift made by a will
  2. brief and to the point in speaking
  3. praise
  4. Uninterrupted; continuous
  5. (adj) talkative, wordy; fond of talking

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  1. Nepotismbrief and to the point in speaking


  2. Innateinborn; natural


  3. Intrepidtasteless;dull


  4. Ironicresulting in an unexpected and contrary outcome


  5. NominalDeserved punishment or its source; anything or anyone that always seems certain to defeat to frustrate.


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